Silvio la Musica

Silvio la Musica

Kokreator, Celebrate Live Tanz & Kreishalter

We are all vibration, hence it is so important, which frequency we listen to, dance to and go in synchronization with. With awareness for this principles and with his very own intuition for the moment, SIKO creates sound and music waves that take you on a journey to connect to your soul.

SIKOs journeys include the full spectrum of available compositions, from sprinkle little sounds of bells, drums, flutes, hangs, beautiful voices, mediations and shamans through wide opening and deep pumping and breathing baselines towards storms of emotions and peace of silence and stillness.

SIKO loves to be in service in life as a music medicine man, coach, spaceholder, mystic, father & lover of life. His musical spectrum as a ceremonial dj unfolds from all the influences & inspirations, he received on his musical and spiritual journey here on this mother earth. From his early days as a house, techno & hip-hop dj through shamanic ceremonies, meditation, spiritual experiences up to the ethno-elektro music of these days. It all comes together in a powerful harmonic composition that shapes a ceremonial vibe on the dance floor.Let us bring the tribe together, activate our collective energy through sound and movement and use the power of celebration for our individual and collective growth.


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Zukünftige Veranstaltungen
Juli 2023
Tue, 18 Jul - 25 Jul